Fastest, cheapest, and easiest auto inventory ad feeds 

Pricing Plans

One low monthly price per domain, with feeds for all major platforms and products included. 

No upsells, no gotchas - the clearest pricing model in the industry.
$50/ month

Per domain (store)1 Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads feed 1 Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing feed1 Google Vehicle Ads feed1 Microsoft Ads Dynamic Remarketing feedCheck a domain


How frequently are the feeds refreshed?
Feeds are refreshed daily, between 3 and 9 AM ET
Can I get feeds for you have free trials?
To combat abuse, we do not provide free trials. For bulk buyers (20+ domains), please inquire for sample feeds:
Do you provide custom feeds?
Please inquire here:
Can you provide invoices?
For bulk buyers with 50+ domains, we can provide invoices - please inquire here:
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